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coming this year - NEXGEN         
Next Generation 308 platforms by AR Performance 
proprietary:   upper   bolt   carrier   
barrel   barrel extension

AR10:   dust cover    charging handle    firing pin
AR15:   cam pin    cotter & bolt key    handguard    gas tube    gas block

For years many have said they wish there were an AR12:    

A 308 rifle near the weight of the AR-15.
A 7lb 16" 308 (bare) rifle is on the horizon.

NexGen will shoot anything between 5.56 and 308
or 6.5 Carcano (.450" dia) based cartridges.
Standard 308 Pmags can be used in DPMS style 308 lowers.  

NexGen information HERE



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TACTICAL MACHIning 80% 1911 recon frame TACTICAL MACHIning 80% ar-15 lower Carroll's Ultimate Precision Shooting Rest
80% TM Recon frames are CNC machined from an investment casting of 4140 ordnance grade steel. MIL-STD-1913 picatinny rail. Index finger/thumb rest grip. The operations left to be completed are slide rails, hammer and sear pin holes, barrel seat,...

80% Tactical Machining AR-15 Lower Receiver in the White. Starts as a 7075-T6 forgings from the lead forge in the US and then fully machined to mil-spec tolerances. The operations left to be completed are: fire control group, trigger pin, hammer...

Handgun adapter for Carroll's Ultimate Precision Shooting Rest

BullFrog Electronic Cleaner BullFrog Electronic Cleaner
GUNBROKERBullFrog Cooling SystemBullFrog Electronic Cleaner - ships UPS ground only: ORM-D
ON MARK ARMS AUCTION : If an item has no bids we may end it's auction early to sell the item in our store. Items that receive a bid or sell online are removed from our sales floor. The item pictured is the item you will receive. We do not accept...

Fight the high cost of rust and corrosion with the same Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors developed for major industries, the military and NATO. Bullfrog metal-seeking VpCIs seal and protect metals with a self-repairing "molecular umbrella." The VpCIs...

Remove the corrosion, dirt, & grit that’s silently attacking every electronic device, every electrical system you depend on! Block new corrosion for up to a year with the same technology developed for major industries, the military...

BullFrog Electronic Cleaner Carroll's Ultimate Precision Shooting Rest
BullFrog Rusthunter Cleaner - ships UPS ground only: ORM-DCarroll's Ultimate Precision Shooting Rest

Mono-molecular sized rust inhibitors can penetrate areas even fine oils can't reach. Remove the dirt and grime on your firearms and protect them for up to a year! Fight the high cost of rust with the same vapor phase corrosion inhibitors...

Carroll's Ultimate Shooting Rest is a break though in shooting rest design! The features are amazing...Perfect for v armint hunting, law enforcement, military, competition, gun cleaning, teaching women and children, testing loads, sighting in...

1 - 8 of 8 items

On Mark Arms is committed to providing the highest performance in the AR platform. Better ballistics, improved accuracy, increased velocity, longer life, and easier cleaning are all possible with a redesigned chamber and high performance hybrid 5R rifling in Melonite treated 4150 CMV barrels designed and manufactured by AR Performance.

On Mark Arms LLC is a Veteran owned, verified and secure retailer of AR pattern products. We want you to be Ready, Reliable, and Accurate.  Our primary interest is to see that you are satisfied with our products.

  Cimarron is the manufacturing side of On Mark Arms.